Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rachel and Matt 7-2-11-Delaware, Ohio-Wedding Photography

Rachel and Matt have been dating since high school.  Couples like this always amaze me. They basically grow up together.  They transform from kids to adults and still through the evolution that comes with experience they are in love with each other. I love the images of Rachel and Matt's "first look".  These images show how excited they truly were to be share the experience of a wedding together.  Many couples that have been together for a long time really want to stick to tradition and not see each other. But I think these images show how intimate and special a private moment before the wedding can mean to a couple.  They are usually some of my favorite images because there is no way to stage the emotions that the bride and groom feel when they see each other with no one (except me far enough away to give them a little privacy) around.  Rachel and Matt's ceremony and reception were held at Brookshire on a warm July evening.  They happened to pick the perfect time of day for gorgeous light, so the already stunning couple had amazing light for their photos as well.  It was so much fun to be a part of their wedding day!