Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Erin and Brandon

Ok , so this is just a sneak peek because I am so crazy about these images that I may have to share a few more soon!! When Erin and Brandon told me that they wanted to do a 1940's themed session I was ecstatic! This was right up my ally. I love making the world look a little more romantic like the movies and what a great era to draw upon! Brandon is actually in the Navy and since this session has been deployed. The 40s may be in the distant past, but as Erin and all the military fiances and wives know, saying goodbye to the man you love to serve his country is never easy no matter the era in which you live. I am so excited to be photographing Erin and Brandon's wedding next year which also has a 40s theme! I look forward to the wedding which I am sure will be just as unique as their engagement photos.